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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Rebel Noise Names Spike's one of the Top 13 Punk Rock Dives in LA

Top 13 Punk Rock Dives in the Greater Los Angeles Area

by Andre Lozoya Feb 16, 2015
Top 13 Punk Rock Dives in the Greater Los Angeles Area
Where to find good booze, great noise and the best company to share it with around L.A.

They are dark, gritty and the bathrooms are grimey toxic cess pools but these are our favorite places in and around Los Angeles to partake in some PBR tall-boys whilst enjoying the soothing sounds of a great local band. This may not be the definitive list but it is definitely a formidable list of the top dark, seedy places to help you get in touch with your inner degenerate. Each with it's own personality but a common thread for all good dive bars is a combination of tasty greasey grub, cheap beer, beautiful noise and righteous folks to share it all with.
So "dive" into the list and if your fav isn't there, don't bitch, just drop a note in the comments to share.
Cheers & see you at the gig!
Your friends at Rebel Noise

11. Spikes Bar & Billiards7813 Garvey Ave, Rosemead, CA 91770(626) 288-4366


Est. 1948 (formerly known as Patrick's Cocktail Lounge). Known for their 80's night, Breakfast Klub and especially Von Badsville's legendary punk/rock-a-billy events. A good neighborhood bar with veteran bartenders on the pour and a relaxed atmosphere. It's a good place to catch a game of billiards then get lucky with your date in the darkened parking lot. Good times.