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Promotion / Event Production:
Rock n Roll * Psychobilly * Garage * Rockabilly * Punk * Surf

Los Angeles - Orange County

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How to book your band at a Von Badsville event 

or at Spike's Bar & Billiards (ROSEMEAD) 

WE BOOK MOSTLY Rock N Roll, ROCKABILLY, PSYCHOBILLY, PUNK & GARAGE BANDS. Sometimes rawk, surf, lo-fi and certain other styles we find interestingly off-center. But please DO NOT SEND US anything acoustic. No singer-songwriters. No emo, metal, techno, hip hop, reggae, world beat or jam bands.  And a tip for rock bands, please understand that there is a world of difference between "rock & roll" and "rock n roll" & punk. 
Von Badsville Events is always looking to book local & occasional out of town acts. If you think you don't suck, can draw well, are hard working & are willing to promote, the please email us with the following info:
  • Band Name 
  • Genre 
  • Webpage Link 
  • Social Networking Link 
  • Where You are Located 
  • How many ppl you can draw
Gather that info together & email us at

Also, the following tips might help you get a show with us:

  • Come down to Spike's Bar and our shows at other venues and see what the venue is like (21+ only)
  • We always recommend Touring bands to have at least 2 local bands on a bill (which we will choose). We prefer to not do more than one touring band on a bill unless they are a proven touring act.
  • PROMOTE YOUR SHOW! Facebook, Twitter, Reverb Nation, Myspace, your website, flyers, posters, local papers, word of mouth.

  • Don't contact us if you suck and you know that you suck, save both of our times and practice more before you hit us up for a show. Also, don't tell us you have a draw when you don't and then you clear the room.
  • Don't send unsolicited CDs/Press Kits! It is a waste of your time and ours
  • NEVER call us with your booking requests. We only work through email 
  • Don't ask to play unless your whole band is over 21. Come back and see us when you all are of age 
  • And again, do NOT send us ReverbNation links, it sucks!! 

~~Advance Info~~
  • Bands caught drinking or doing drugs in their vehicles in or around the perimeter of the venue will immediately be thrown off the bill, and will not be asked back
  • Always 21+. Unless otherwise specified, load in is 8pm. 
  • Line checks only, unless otherwise specified
  • No In's and Out's on event nights
  • No hospitality or green room provided (unless otherwise specified)
  • 2 drink tickets and 1 guest per band member (unless otherwise specified)
  • Act responsibly on stage. Do not put your fans and our patrons in harms way, like throwing or breaking bottles, encouraging the crowd to break bottles, swinging the microphone or instruments into the audience, etc. 
  • We DO NOT allow bands to encourage Pitting! Pitting is allowed but please remember, it is not Punk Rock/Rock N Roll to harm others; we are all about having a good time, just not ending the night in the emergency room.
  • If you have ideas for a bill let us know and we'll try to find a spot for you on our calendar

    Looking forward to booking your band!

~~Tech Specs~~
  • FOH System:
    Allen & Heath MixWizard3 16:2
    DBX 266A Compressor/Limiter
    BBE 462 Sonic Maximizer
    Nady Audio CX22SW Crossover
    (2) QSC USA900 Power Amplifier
    (2)MacPherson M2B 2 Way Enclosure(Ceiling Mounted)
    (1) Cerwin Vega EL34 Subwoofer Enclosure

    (2)JBL MR925 2 Way Enclosure(Dance Floor Fills)
  • Monitor System:
    (1) QSC USA900 Power Amplifier
    (3) Yamaha SM12IV Floor Wedges
    (single monitor mix provided by the FOH mixer)
  • Mics:
    (1) Shure Beta58A 
    (1) Shure SM58
    (4) Sennheiser E835
    (4) Shure SM57
    (1) Sennheiser E609
    (1) AKG D112
  • DI Boxes:
    (1) Radial J48 Active DI
    (2) ProCo DB1
  • Spike's Bar & Billiards square footage is 2,800 sq.ft.